Career Benefits

benefits to a career in dog training

I feel your teaching style is wonderful. It’s fun, rewarding, and it all makes sense. You’re an amazing trainer and teacher.
-Pamela Reid, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Uplifting & Active Work

Ben in the fast lane! 2006 Royal Victoria Marathon 8km Race

It is well-documented that working with, and being around animals is therapeutic. As a professional dog trainer, you have a unique opportunity to be outdoors in a healthy and active working environment. In essence, you are getting a great workout and making money at the same time.

Future Career Opportunities
Professional dog trainers and behaviourists worldwide are on the cutting edge of some fascinating advances in canine psychology and training. Canine specialists are in demand as society is continuously learning about the potential dogs have to aid people in many new ways. As an example, the need for explosive detection dogs is rising as global terrorism becomes a daily reality. Another example is cancer detecting dogs, a very recent discovery (Click here to read more). Another story from the Times Colonist (Click here).

For a huge list of current dog jobs, click here.

The Wonderdogs Program does not cover all of these specialized training disciplines. What it will give you is a solid foundation to jump start your career as an expert in these exciting new fields. Our course would also put you well above most other applicants.

Quality Time With Your Dog!

Are you currently paying for doggie daycare instead of enjoying quality time with your dog throughout the day? Imagine being able to spend all day with your pooch! That’s one great thing about this business.

Your dog can also help with your future career in a number of ways;
As an ambassador for your business Click here to view an example.
Use your dog to test your clients dogs Click here to view an example.
Your dog can run down and catch any “escape artists” Click here to view example.

The Professional Dog Trainers Program must be seen to be appreciated! Click here to see a video of the program.

You Can Make a Difference by Saving Dogs Lives!
Almost every time Ben is interviewed for a TV or newspaper story, he talks about how all of us make the world a better place for people and their dogs. You can also be proactive in saving dogs lives! The Wonderdogs program teaches you how to work with the media to get free advertising for your business and how to promote responsible dog ownership!

Tax Benefits
Being self-employed entitles you to many business expenses. You will pay 20-30% less tax than the average company worker or government employee. Did you know you can declare the tuition for The Wonderdogs Professional Dog Trainers Program and any related expenses such as transportation, food, accomodation as 100% tax deductable expenses?

Also, all expenses for your dog such as grooming and training supplies, vet bills, medical insurance, and dog food are business expenses that are accepted by the government when starting your own dog training business. ( The more business expenses you have, the less income tax you pay to the government at year end! )

Flexible Time Schedule
This profession allows you to set your own hours, instead of punching a clock at 8:00 am, each day. In addition, you can take vacation time when it suits your schedule.

Low Overhead
Being a professional dog trainer requires a minimal cash outlay. Unlike many businesses that require expensive equipment and rental space, dog training is one of the few businesses that requires very little capital to start up. Click here for more info.

Have you ever known anybody who owns a retail outlet or restaurant? Just the inventory alone can be a major headache. Proprietors also deal with day-to-day concerns such as rent increases, shoplifting, etc. When starting a dog training academy these problems are virtually non-existent. The simplicity of this business is fantastic!

You Own It!
Imagine being your own boss instead of having to constantly answer to your supervisor. As a professional dog trainer, you will set the parameters for your company, deciding on your policies and training philosophy.

Great Income Potential
Top dog trainers in North America earn in excess of $100 per hour. In addition, many trainers supplement their income through marketing their books, videos/DVDs, training seminars, etc.

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