Doggy Daycare in Victoria, BC

Our doggy daycare in Victoria BC is a five-acre hobby farm near the VGH hospital. Click here for photos and videos. We are licenced, fully insured and have a triple-A rating with the Better business bureau dating back to 1985. We take great pride in creating a home environment that is the complete opposite of the chain link, concrete, and non-stop barking of a kennel environment.

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Doggy Daycare Rates & Hours

Our doggy daycare is open 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Tuesday through Friday. Price for daycare is $33.75. Contact us for more information:  Click here to pay for daycare

Did you know we work on the following behaviours daily at no extra cost?  Come command/recall, barking, separation anxiety, pack manners, jumping on people, gate or door crashing, waiting for a food treat, sharing toys and getting along with our chickens goats and sheep.

View this video to see sleepy dogs enjoying a nap in our home. Our small or older guests may spend most of the day inside if that is what you prefer. We don’t leave dogs outside when it’s cold or raining unless it is apparent that they are having fun.

We have been training dogs professionally for over four decades.  We know how to ensure dogs are happy when they are in a new environment. Dog fights or injuries are virtually non-existent here.

Is your dog a fan of classical music? See and hear the live music happening here almost daily! You will definitely notice a huge change in your dog’s behaviour after two days with us. Come over to chat with our clients anytime to hear their success stories.

Pet Hotel, Overnight Dog Boarding

Our daughters Chloe and Jaling have worked in the family business for many years. Both are taking overnight pet hotel clients on a limited basis. We are only taking dogs that are regulars at our daycare, no exceptions. Price is $54 and does include daycare.

Doggy Daycare Reviews

View our testimonials below from happy clients.

Cooper is always in heaven when I drop him off at Wonderdogs. He loves it there. He has so much energy and when it’s time for pick up, he is so quiet in the car ride home. Ben’s team are great with the dogs, always so happy and comfortable. I feel secure knowing my Cooper is well taken care of and trained to be a good pup to other pups.

Ianna Gateley, Victoria, BC,

Wonderdogs is amazing. Ben Kersen, the owner is a dog trainer so sometimes there is incidental training going on. The dogs all have a little nap at some point and on rainy days there is a large indoor area. My little dog has been going to Wonderdogs for about 7 years and she is always happy to go. I feel extremely comfortable leaving her there. Ben is usually available to give the odd training tip as well.

Anna Mary McIlwain, Victoria, BC,

In the several months that my 16-month-old Bernadoodle has been at Wonderdogs, the changes in his behavior have really been something. He is a large, loving, but (was an) overly enthusiastic 90lb bundle of unrestrained joy and enthusiasm. Going to Wonderdogs each morning quickly became his obviously favorite thing to do, and he would sing on the drive there.

The owner and staff have been exceptional in the care they provide, and Billy’s response to them is visible proof of that. But, more than his pure delight in going there to play with his new, and carefully vetted pack, the changes in his behavior have been unexpected and wonderful. Almost right away his behavior started improving. His manners, both around other dogs and humans, have been refined a great deal with the training he is receiving there. He is respectful of dogs that we meet on walks, even if they don’t wish to play, and the same with humans. Jumping up in excitement is a thing of the past. He is much more controlled, manageable and enjoyable on walks, not just for me, but other humans (smaller than l) in his pack that walk him…now without hesitation. He is even happier than before, and so is my family. Wonder Dogs is the best decision I have made since getting this large bundle of joy.

Brent Pearce