Doggy Daycare in Victoria BC, The Kennel Alternative

Now offering home pick up and drop off service!

Wonderdogs Pet Hotel & Dog Sitting

“Talk from us or anyone in the dog care world is dirt cheap—look for results!  Come meet our clients at our gate in the morning and note how their pups are busting to get in to see us!”

Ben and Nancy charge $29.75 per day for Doggie Daycare and $39.75 per night for the Pet Hotel.  Daycare is included for our overnight guests ($39.75 total, not $29.75 plus $39.75). Discounts are provided for referrals, long stays, regular daycare or more than one dog. Please Contact us for more info 

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  • We take a lot of pride in creating a home environment that is the complete opposite of the chain link, concrete and non-stop barking of a kennel environment. Is your dog a fan of classical music? Click here to see and hear the amazing live music happening here 7 days a week!
  • We live on a fenced 5 acre hobby farm 10 minutes outside Victoria which includes two acres of forest to explore.  As there is always work to be done on the property, we are often outside for hours daily and are happy to have a little pack of dogs in tow, playing with each other and enjoying their surroundings.
  • Our guests sleep inside at night. See our video above to see sleepy dogs enjoying a nap in our home. Our small or older guests may spend the majority of the day inside if that is what you prefer. We don’t leave dogs outside when it’s cold or raining unless it is apparent that they are having fun. Click here for more testimonials from happy clients

“Bandette loves going to doggy day care. Her tail wags and she starts getting excited when we hit the highway exit a few miles from Ben’s house. She runs in without even looking back to say goodbye.”

For references from clients you are welcome to chat with them any day of the week during drop off or pick up hours.

  • We have been training dogs professionally for over three decades.  We know how to ensure dogs are happy when they are in a new environment. Dog fights or injuries are virtually non-existent here.
  • Separation anxiety, getting along with our chickens and sheep, pack manners, barking, jumping up, gate or door crashing, wait for a meal or food treat, fighting over toys. Did you know that we work on these behaviors daily at no extra cost for our regular clients?

Please Contact us for more info and a visit!

The Wonderdogs