Ben Kersen’s Complete Dog Training Videos Series

Ben Kersen and the Wonderdogs from Victoria, British Columbia will show you an amazing training concept that has been making news on radio, television and newsprint across North America. Ben shows how you can teach new commands in minutes that previously took weeks or months to master.

Thousands of dog owners have trained their dog successfully by using Ben’s fun, fast and simple methods. Whether you have a basenji, basset hound or a bouvier, you will learn many motivational training concepts with Ben’s guidance. Your dog’s age is also irrelevant. The beauty of this training concept is it works for all dogs regardless of age or breed!

Volume 1 – Beginners

Video $39.95

  • 100% positive reinforcement—no shouting, scolding or jerking the leash! Ben teaches your dog to obey because your dog wants to, not because he has to.
  • Amazingly simple method! Within minutes your dog will respond to your voice or hand command.
  • Teaches your dog the concepts that form the basis for all future training.

Volume 2 – Novice

Video $39.95

  • This is the first VIDEO that Ben produced. There is more theory, and Ben’s indepth explanation of his training concepts on this VIDEO, than on any of Ben’s teaching products. The accompanying 30-page field guide shows you over 150 different training pointers that ensure your dog’s success. Dog Fancy Magazine, the largest publication of its kind, rated this VIDEO among the very best on the market in North America.
  • You will see immediate and concrete results and have fun in the training process!

Volume 3 – Fun and Motivational Training without Food!

VIDEO $39.95  

Ben shows you how to put passion into your dog’s training! He also shows you how to harness your dog’s natural instincts for extremely fast results. Ben “debunks” two common myths in this VIDEO: Dogs must be six months old to begin training and you can never train more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time with a young puppy. Ben doesn’t explain why his methods work. He proves it step by step in this amazing VIDEO!

  • Great foundation training for puppies and adult dogs. No food needed. No correction – 100% motivational and positive training methods.
  • Ben shows you how to play like a dog – learn play moves and body language that your dog will love!


Volumes 4,5 & 6 – Off Leash in 30 minutes!

Ben has produced many dog training products over the years. In his opinion “Off Leash in 30 Minutes” Volumes, 4, 5 & 6 are the best teaching tools he has produced to date. Why? These training VIDEO’s are the only products on the market that show the entire process, uninterrupted from start to finish. You will see continuous, unedited footage of Ben working with “Jessie,” a powerful and very determined nine-month old Terrier cross. Watch Ben work the magic! At first, Jessie is ignoring Ben and any commands. Thirty minutes later, Jessie is responding off leash in one of Victoria’s busiest parks with many distractions such as other dogs running by, horse drawn carriages, squirrels, seagulls, etc. Off Leash in 30 Minutes, Volumes 4, 5 & 6 were filmed over three consecutive days. On each day you can see Jessie reach new levels in her training. To appreciate what Jessie has learned after the 3rd day must be seen to be believed!

Ben used no food to achieve these results and Jessie is having the time of her life performing these commands! You can master the same concepts! Ben will show you the way!

Volume 4:
Off leash in 30 mins!
Day 1
VIDEO $39.95

Volume 5:
Off leash in 30 mins!
Day 2
VIDEO $39.95

Volume 6:
Off leash in 30 mins!
Day 3
VIDEO $39.95

Volume 7 – Trick and Frisbee Action

VIDEO $39.95

  • See the wonderdogs entire trick and frisbee show from start to finish in front of a live audience!
  • Clips from Ben’s many TV appearances such as the Today Show on NBC.
  • Ben’s Wonderdogs may be the smartest dogs on the planet! This VIDEO will motivate and inspire any dog owner!

Volume 8 – Training your own Trick and Frisbee Dog Day 1 and 2

VIDEO $39.95

  • ee how Ben starts training “Joey”, his 8-week old puppy!
  • As with most of Ben’s VIDEO’s, it is continuous, unedited footage so you see how Ben produced such remarkable results in so little time.
  • Volume 8 is longer than most of Ben’s VIDEO’s – about 60 min running time. Lots of great info and a great value.

Volume 9 – Off Leash in 23 Minutes – Real-Time Uninterrupted Training

VIDEO $39.95

This video is a MUST SEE for all that want to understand and appreciate just how much can be accomplished in a VERY short time when using Ben’s amazing training techniques. Ben Kersen uses no food to achieve remarkable off leash control. You can master the same concepts!

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