Miscellaneous Training


At our office or in your home, consultation can be helpful in a variety of areas. If, for example, you are considering purchasing a dog and have questions regarding pros and cons of various breeds, male versus female, or how to raise your puppy properly, our guidance can get you on the right track.

Specialty Work

Trick work, tracking, retrieving, dogs for the handicapped, etc. We are happy to discuss any special needs you may have. Call for more information and rates.

Perimeter Training

Teaches your dog to stay inside the property line when left out in the yard, regardless of the distraction, such as people running by, other dogs, or cats. No leash or fencing required.

Car Proofing

Teaches your dog that all moving cars are a danger zone to keep clear of. This is a very good precaution, especially if you live in a high traffic area. If your dog gets out of your yard (under or over fence, gate left open, etc.), it only takes one car to injure it. The cost of providing veterinary care to a dog that has been hit by a car is often in excess of $1,000.00. It only takes one hour of your time to teach your dog to jump back every time a car is heading toward it.

Poison Proofing

Teaches your dog not to mooch for food from strangers or scavenge off the ground, only to accept it from your hand or from your dog’s food bowl. Some common substances such as antifreeze can kill our dog within a matter of hours, even if ingested in small amounts. Antifreeze will attract your dog since it has a sweet smell and taste. Since it is almost impossible to monitor your dog’s every move, Poison Proofing is highly recommended.

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