Distance Learning Dog Trainers Program

Due to unprecedented demand for our teaching programs, at this time we are only corresponding by phone and email with those who have submitted an online application. Thanks for your understanding!

Learning a career as a professional dog trainer has never been easier with our distance learning online program. Our teaching programs have been recognized worldwide and we currently have hundreds of graduates on every continent. Price for our distance learning program is $1475 plus 5% GST.

With our program, students can pay by installments enabling them to jump start their new career. $269 +5% GST will get you started with our video series.

Ben Kersen began working with dogs and studying their behavior in the early 1980’s. He started his professional dog trainers program in 1999 which he and his wife Nancy own and operate. Nancy holds a  Bachelor of Education and has years of teaching experience in the public and private school systems.

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You don’t need to look past our Google Reviews, and letters of reference from graduates or the videos on our website to realize our course is highly specialized and unique. Our training has made news across North America. If you want a fulfilling and successful career as a dog trainer, you now have an opportunity to learn from the leaders in the dog world industry.

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Our distance learning program provides all students with the following:

  • The Wonderdogs professional dog trainer’s manual. There are too many topics to list that are covered in this manual that took decades to compile.
  • Nine videos that provide step-by-step on the entire Wonderdogs Training Method.
  • Receive direct feedback by sending video clips after working with your dog or dogs in your area.
  • The opportunity to use our training philosophy to train a dog, who by the end of the course will be your own Wonderdog.
  • Free continuing post-graduation correspondence through email, conference calls, and our exclusive Facebook group for graduates. Your career success is important to us, no matter how long ago you completed our online dog trainer course.
  • A diploma upon successful completion.

Program Curriculum:

Trainer’s Checklist
A detailed and complete inventory of the essential equipment and literature you will need as a Professional Dog Trainer.

Safety Theory
All the information you need on keeping you and the dogs you are handling safe at all times.

Responsible Dog Ownership
Information to share with your clients on what it takes to be a responsible dog owner.

Group Session Lesson Plans
Lesson by lesson detailed class plans that have taken The Wonderdogs team decades to produce.

Theory Notes on Advanced Obedience Training
Indefinite Long Down
Invisible Down Command
Off Leash

Group & Individual Training Contracts
It would be very difficult for you to imagine the time, effort and money we have put into creating the contracts that we use on a daily basis with out clients. When you enroll in our program, you receive the most updated version of these contracts.

Obedience training topics you will learn by the end of the program:

Walking Exercise 
Complete on leash control with no pulling – ever!
Complete off-leash control in any situation

Sit Command 
Hand Signal Only
Voice Only
Holding position under heavy distraction (using toys, treats, dogs, people)
Holding position from 400+ feet

Down Command 
Hand Signal Only
Voice Only
Holding position under heavy distraction (using toys, treats, dogs, people)
Holding position from 400+ feet

Come Command 
Hand Signal Only
Voice Only
While Playing (with a person, a toy or another dog)
Response from 400+ feet
Response under heavy distraction

With all the information and assistance this program offers, you can now enjoy a healthy and profitable future career as a professional dog trainer. So why wait?! This is the time to start a career doing something you love!