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We used Ben’s puppy training via virtual consultation and his in-depth and easy to follow online training videos. Using Ben’s methods, we had our pup Fergus housebroken and sleeping through the night with no crying. We couldn’t have managed without Ben’s training and would highly recommend his services.

Part of a Google review from Kelly and Tom in London, England

Imagine seeing your dog problems vanish within 48 hours after paying $122 US funds. This may sound crazy to you, but I can deliver solid solutions to your dog problems extremely quickly. I know this sounds hard to believe if you’ve already invested time and money on other training techniques. Check out my Google reviews and my videos if you have any doubts. You’re not going to have to wait weeks to book something with me. I send you the info that will restore sanity to your household within 48 hours from the time you make your payment.
This will take a leap of faith, but you need to trust me after being let down in the past. DON’T WAIT! Click here today to get started!

Ben Kersen

Toys, praise, and lots of play are used throughout the entire training process making it positive and enjoyable for both dog and owner.

We offer numerous training options. These include our individual training, consultations, board & train and training video options. For in-depth information about obedience training click here.

Dog training is included in the Wonderdogs doggy daycare and pet hotel service. Did you know that we work on these behaviors daily at no extra cost for our clients? Separation anxiety, getting along with our chickens, sheep and goats, pack manners, barking, jumping up, gate or door crashing, wait for a meal or food treat, no fighting over toys.

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