Charity Work

Making the World a Better and Safer Place for People and Dogs

We have been working with local and worldwide charities for over 30 years. In the past our donations were made anonymously. We now reach out to clients and friends to invite others to get involved. Our charity work used to focus on canine organizations such as the SPCA and Respect-a-bull. More recently, our interest has shifted to humanitarian and environmental charities.

Accountability is always a concern when choosing a charity. How will the money be spent? Will it actually make its way to those in need? The charities listed below are organizations with long-standing track records for many years.

World Vision Canada

We are proud supporters of World Vision Canada since 1996. Our last contribution went to refugees from the Ukraine conflict.

World Vision Letter

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 Hello Ben,

Thank you for your involvement in the work of World Vision Canada.

We greatly appreciate your generous donation of $6,000 towards our Ukraine Crisis Response. We are most grateful to you for entrusting your donation to us and would like to assure you of our commitment to use it effectively.

World Vision Canada


Ancient Rainforest Alliance and Sierra Club of British Columbia

Dear Ben,

On behalf of all of us at Sierra Club BC and the Ancient Forest Alliance, thank you for supporting our work with your generous donation in January.  Your gift is so very appreciated at this critical time for nature in BC.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of further assistance.


Liz Reed (she/her)

Donor Services Assistant

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David Suzuki Foundation

We are proud supporters of the Suzuki Foundation. This charity is so important to us as the planet continues to heat up.

View our most recent email from the Suzuki Foundation:



Our Place

Our Place has been established since 1986 and is one of the foremost charitable organizations in Victoria providing help to the homeless. My goal for this charity is to continue to provide financial support and time whenever possible. I would also like to encourage others to get involved even if it means a few hours of volunteer time. To make a financial contribution, click here.







Wonderdogs team feeding the homeless outside the open door shelter. November 2010.

Operation Out Reach

I met John and Judy Pex from Elat, Israel in 1982. They have been involved in numerous charitable causes since that time. One of the key projects that my family has been contributing to in Israel is in helping Sudanese refugees find jobs and housing. Many of these refugees traveled on foot from Sudan to Israel and risked their lives on the journey.

The Wonderdogs