Dog Training Information

When Can I start?
The best age to start training is when you get your puppy home. This way you are beginning with a clean slate instead of dealing with problem behavior that is already established. In terms of destroyed personal property, soiled carpets and your sanity, it is so much easier to start young.  Over the years we have we have trained a number of dogs that were 10 years of age or older that passed with flying colours, although the training can often take longer with an older dog.

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Individual Instruction

  1. Convenience!
    If you live within Greater Victoria, we can usually schedule your appointments within 5 to 10 minutes of your home.
  2. Real-to-Life Training.
    We train in high distraction areas: near skateboarders, seagulls, dog parks and fields full of rabbits! If you prefer, we can come to your home or board your dog while training for an additional charge.
  3. Lots of Options.
    Our clients have 3 distinctive teaching styles to choose from:
    – You do all of the handling with your dog while we give you instruction as you train.
    – We share the dog handling 50/50 so that you can watch and then try the techniques with us instructing.
    – We do all of the leg-work and transfer the commands to you towards the end of training.

This thirty second video is a sample of our individual training. Everyone thinks our individual training is without any other dogs around – just the opposite!

To read Ben’s career highlights click here.

Wonderdog Run Club

Is your dog overweight or out of shape? Time to join the Wonderdog Run Club! This service is more than a run in the park. There is a lot of training that goes into teaching the dogs to run off leash as a pack ignoring distractions along the way.

Wonderdog Run Club takes place Saturday mornings at 9:30AM. Clients are not required to participate but may join the run if fast enough!

Click Here to see a sample

Ben Kersen and the dogs run for one to two hours. This service is by donation only with all proceeds going to World Vision Click here for more information. The suggested donation is $30 per session. Payment will not be made out to Ben – all proceeds will go directly to World Vision.

Worldwide Dog Training – 4 Options

Option 1: Graduates from our Professional Dog Trainers Program are located from Santiago, Chile, to Tokyo, Japan and all points in between. Please contact us to find graduates of our program in your area.

Option 2: We have hosted numerous training seminars across North America. These seminars made the news on radio, television and newsprint in each city we have visited with the Wonderdogs. We offer excellent rates for groups of 20 or more participants.

Option 3: Our dog training video series. These products are action packed and full of information on our fun and motivational training techniques. Whether you have a new puppy, juvenile delinquent, or senior citizen our videos will jump start the training process. For more info on our video series Click here.

Option 4: Virtual dog training. Using your smart phone, our virtual dog training could be the most convenient option for you. We have coached clients all over the world and can do the same for you quickly and inexpensively.

“…By the time the hour was up Koda was not jumping on people, he was sitting on command and staying there while other dogs walked around him. And all this was done while he was off-leash! It amazed my husband and I. And what impressed us the most was that Koda was enjoying every minute of it!…”

Julie Bentley, Sooke, B.C .

The Wonderdogs