Wonderdogs Thrill Willows Elementary

May 1989
The Wonderdogs are back.

Dog trainers Ben Kersen and Erin Burley brought their exciting and informative dog training demonstration to Willows Elementary school last Wednesday.

In front of approximately 200 spellbound students sitting on the playing field, the team of seven well-heeled dogs performed a variety of tricks and acrobatics that demonstrated their obedience and loyalty to their trainers.

Equally entertaining were the trainers’ performances as they put the dogs through their paces. Kersen and Burley almost seemed to make the dogs fly as they pursued a barrage of soft, airborne Frisbees.

While seeing the dogs in action provided the most compelling entertainment, the show’s pace was staggered with moments of discussion about how to improve dog behavior and obedience.

During these brief intermissions, the dogs rested in the shade while several students stood in line to talk to Kersen over the public address system and give their ideas on how to treat dogs.

Kersen, showed his ability to relate well to children as well as to dogs, and he further demonstrated his talents by talking to some of the French immersion kids in French.

As the hour-long show moved on, the four border collies responded to simple hand and voice commands, until they eventually showed they could react to the trainer’s eye commands.

Ben Kersen & The Wonderdogs