Free Training

[pl_accordion name=”freetraining”][pl_accordioncontent name=”freetraining” number=”1″ heading=”FREE TRAINING – OPTION ONE”]At the first class of each group session we cover some very helpful information on problem behaviour prevention, safety and motivational training methods. Sessions are from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Please contact us for start dates. No dogs at these sessions – please bring pen and paper instead.

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Check out these video clips to get pointers you can try with your dog:

  1. If you have a young puppy or dog with no training
  2. If you have an adult small dog with some training
  3. If you have an adult medium-large dog with some training

CLICK HERE for free video instruction

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Option #1: Our Training Videos
These teaching tools are packed with information and are available to you any time you need a “refresher.” Let us know when it is convenient for you to stop by and pick them up.

Option #2: Video Party!
We brings the drinks and cookies – we have also done potlucks, which have been lots of fun. We have some amazing new footage we would enjoy sharing with you. As soon as we have 10 people signed up, we will contact you to set a time and date. Please let us know if you would prefer a day or evening party.

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