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Professional Dog Trainers Program: Loans and Grants

NEW! We are now offering an Early Enrolment Incentive and a Scholarship Program for those that qualify.  Contact us for more information.

The majority of grant and bursary applications must be completed well before the program start date. Planning and applying in advance is of the utmost importance.

If you are having trouble navigating students loans or funding, we may be able to help! Contact us for more information.

Employment Insurance Funding

  • To go through the EI process, you will have to be very patient and persistent. Remember, you are dealing with the government! In the past, we have had students receive up to $15,000 in funding for not only the program costs but also for their business startup – so it’s worth the work!
  • You do not have to be on EI currently to quality for funding. Also, it may not be necessary to have had a claim in the past 5 years.
  • If you are experiencing any medical problems due to your current employment and can get a note from your physician to substantiate this, you may be eligible for funding.

Student Loans:

  • Our program is eligible for government grants and student loans through the B.C. Ministry of Advanced Education Student Services department. Click on the Designated Schools Lookup link, then type Ben Kersen in the School Name field. Phone (Victoria area): 1-250-387-6100; or 1-250-387-1414 may be faster; B.C. Lower Mainland) : 1-604-660-2610; Toll-free: 1-800-561-1818. Please note that because we are a Private Institute, you cannot apply online for loans or grants. Please submit your printed application by mail.
  • Alberta students: This Program has been approved by Alberta Learning for provision of student financial assistance (student loans) Click here for more information.
  • New Brunswick Students: This Program has been approved by New Brunswick Student Services for provision of student financial assistance. Click here for more information.
  • Ontario Students: This Program has been approved by Ontario Student Services for provision of student financial assistance. Click here for more information.
  • The Bank of Montreal (BMO) main branch in Victoria, B.C. is the main provider of bank loans to our students regardless of where they reside in Canada. Our contact for students at BMO is Kevin Sekha. We recommend dealing with Kevin at BMO as he is familiar with our program. Although you may have a long standing relationship with your current bank, you will have greater success securing funding for our program dealing with BMO. Email Kevin at

Student Grant Information:

There are hundreds of grants and bursaries available to students in each province. Information on how to begin researching which of these sources you qualify for is included below.

There are also search engines which can help you find what grants you qualify for based on your gender, ethnicity, program of study, academic standing and family affiliations amongst other criteria. is an example, as is These web sites include more private grants whereas the list below is more government based.

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[pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”1″ heading=”British Columbia” open=”no”]

Student Aid BC

Canada study grant for students with dependents

Canada study grant for high-need part-time students

Canada study grant for part-time students with dependents

Youth Educational Assistance Fund for Former Youth in Care

British Columbia Student Assistance Program

Canada Student Loans-often partially repayable due to the loan reduction program

BC Student Loans-often partially repayable due to the loan reduction program

Canada Study Grant for Students with Dependents

Canada Access Grants for Students from Low-Income Families
[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”2″ heading=”Alberta”]
Government of Alberta Student Loans

Government of Canada Student Loans

Alberta Learning Information Service

Northern Alberta Development Bursary

Dozens of other grants and bursaries available on the same web site
[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”3″ heading=”Saskatchewan”]
Advanced Education, Employment and Labour

Saskatchewan Study Grant for Full Time Students with Dependents

Saskatchewan Study Grant for high-need part-time students
[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”4″ heading=”Manitoba”]
Advanced Education & Literacy

Canada Student Loans-debt reduction program

Manitoba Student Loans-debt reduction program

Part Time Canada Study Grants
[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”5″ heading=”Yukon Territory”]
Yukon Department of Education

Canada Student Loan

Yukon Grant

Student Training Allowance

Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories Student Financial Assistance

Basic Grant

Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation

Remissible Loan
[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”6″ heading=”Nunavut Territory”]
Financial Assistance for Nunavut Students

Grade 12 Scholarship

Millennium Bursary
[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”7″ heading=”Ontario”]
Ontario Student Assistance Program

Loan Repayment Assistance

Ontario Distance Grants

Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top
[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”8″ heading=”Quebec”]
Quebec Financial Aid for Students
[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”9″ heading=”New Brunswick”]
New Brunswick Student Financial Services

Millennium Scholarship

Canada Study Grant

Repayment Assistance
[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”10″ heading=”Newfoundland and Labrador”]
Newfoundland and Labrador Student Financial Assistance

Debt Reduction Grant

Canada Millennium Bursary
[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”11″ heading=”Prince Edward Island”]
PEI Education and Early Childhood Development

PEI Debt Reduction Grant

Canada Access Grants

Canada Study Grants

Community Service Bursary
[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”12″ heading=”Nova Scotia”]
Department of Education Student Assistance

Canada Education Savings Grant

National Adult Literacy Database

Adult Learner Awards

In addition to these web site suggestions above, you can also go to this page to learn more about funding that is available to you country-wide. McGill University also has a directory of government aid websites here. is another helpful website to look at for student loan information. Many banks also offer a student line of credit.


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