Doggy Daycare Testimonials

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When the need arose for us to find a boarder for our pup Mojo while we were on vacation, the search began. She had never been away from home for that length of time before (a whole week!) and we wanted to make sure she would be in great hands, and in a great environment. What we found, was Wonderdogs! When we arrived to drop Mojo off, it already felt like an extension of home. We were so impressed with the relaxed environment and laid-back feeling that we got from Ben and the others, as well as the other dogs that were already there; any trepidation we’d felt about leaving our baby, dissipated immediately. We had no doubt that she would be safe, happy and healthy during her stay.
A week later, we returned to pick her up. We were once again met at the gate by a group of happily wagging tails, and among them was our Mojo. She was dog-tired (ha-ha), but smiling ear to ear. At first we thought she wasn’t even going to want to leave all of her new friends!
Instead of all-hours barking and hard concrete/chain link kennels that have stereotypically given boarding kennels a bad name, what we found in Wonderdogs was an impressive and much appreciated oasis. Not only is their property beautifully forested, complete with a stream and lots of room to run around, but the overall vibe of the place is happy and relaxed.
We had a wonderful experience with Wonderdogs, and are very grateful to Ben, Nancy and the girls for welcoming Mojo into their home and family. We look forward to seeing you all in the future!

Genessa & Layne, Victoria, BC,

After visiting several kennels in the greater Victoria area, my husband and I decided to leave our dogs with Ben and Nancy of Wonderdogs.  Initially it was a difficult decision for us to put the dogs in a kennel environment because we had never tried leaving them for any period of time other than at home with a house sitter .   The situation had changed for us since we have a 6 month old puppy in addition to our 9 yr old dog.    When we met Ben for the first time we were impressed with his energy and his manner with his dog clients.    His ability to read dogs and to handle there individual personalities was immediately apparent.  Our two concerns were the fact that we have a puppy that was essentially untrained and a dog who had separation anxiety.    A very short time after we had left the dogs Ben had surmised the puppies issues; yipping, barking when excited, nipping at ankles when walking or running and door dashing.   We were very happy with the result of 1 hour of training that Ben put into the pup.    In regards to the separation anxiety, our older dog, after initially having reservations about staying with Ben and Nancy he apparently settled in quickly to the very homey environment that was provided at Wonderdogs.  When we returned from our two week vacation they were happy to see us but also both were very bonded to Ben.   So much so that when we were leaving the pup tried to squeeze through the fence to get back into the yard.     We would highly recommend Ben and Nancy and Wonderdogs for their pet hotel services and for their dog training.

Liz and Bill Holdijk, Smithers BC,

Dear Ben and Nancy and TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:

We just picked up our very happy, very tired dog from Wonderdog’s doggy day care. As she snores in the backseat of the car we started thinking of the long path it took to get to this moment.  It is hard to believe that this bliss started almost 30 years ago when I spotted Ben’s “IS YOUR DOG DRIVING YOU CRAZY “van and as they say the rest is history. We signed up for obedience classes and after two sessions for the next 15 years that puppy was the best behaved dog ever.  When she broke our hearts, we knew two things; we were going to get another dog and there would be future involvement with the Wonderdogs.

Bandette loves going to doggy day care. Her tail wags and she starts getting excited when we hit the highway exit a few miles from his house. She runs in without even looking back to say goodbye. She has stayed for overnights twice at the doggy hotel and we were able to get away without any worry. After both stays when we picked her up she was healthy, happy, tired and without hesitation wanted to go back again. We appreciate how Ben has been able to make our lives with dogs much easier and should have written and thanked him 30 years ago, and again 15 years ago, but his dog training came so easily and worked so well we just didn’t have to think about it. So thank you very much Ben, Nancy and the other trainers who have improved the quality of our life with dogs.


Don and Rosanne Day, Sooke, BC,


         My dog goes to Wonderdogs Daycare on a regular basis. She loves to go and returns home relaxed and tired. I like the rural environment with trees, brush, meadows and creek. Ben and Nancy are brilliant dog trainers, which means the dogs are well controlled and get some incidental training. They get to play, go on runs or bike rides with Ben, and are in the house if it is too cold or wet- no small individual pens here!

       I am very fortunate to have had dog training lessons, and to be able to use the Doggy Daycare, both with Wonderdogs.

 John Tregear, Victoria, BC,

We have Luther, a 2 year old male Vizsla.  We contacted Ben because he was acting quite aggressive towards other dogs when he was on leash. We did the group training with him as well as a few personal sessions. Both were excellent!  We had tried at least 2 other trainers with zero success, so this was amazing.

Luther continues to go to ben’s once a week for daycare/playtime. He loves his time there and always is tired at the end of the day. He gets a chance to interact with all different types of dogs keeping him well socialized.

I would definitely recommend wonderdogs to help with aggressive behaviour, basic training and their doggy daycare. It really has helped us to enjoy our vizsla more.

Nicole Vedder, Victoria, BC,